Terms & Services Briefing

  • We are an immigration service provider. We charge fees in return for our skills and expert knowledge of the South African immigration system
  • We provide advice, assistance and guidance throughout the application process. Whether it is obtained any permit, visa, endorsement to a permit or visa, entry clearance, police clearance, extension or document or certificate incidental to any of the aforementioned.  We are not the decision-maker in any application process and consequently we cannot be held responsible for decisions made be any government authority. Should any application be unsuccessful, we shall, where such decisions are reasonably disputable, make representations to the appropriate government authority to review the decision, should the client so wish. Upon payment, you agree to our terms and conditions
  • No refunds will be honored unless extreme circumstances exist which constitutes gross negligence on our part.
  • The Parties undertake to act in utmost good faith towards each other